Words by Peter Leidy

(to the tune of You Are My Sunshine, new lyrics by Peter Leidy)

(refrain)    Where is my sunshine, my only sunshine
                   I cannot see it in the sky
                   Kipp’s emissions have blurred my vision
                   I’ve got chlorine gas in my eyes

The other day dear, while I was strolling
Through my Atwood neighborhood
I got sore eyes, and I realized
My whole body didn’t feel very good

I saw the children out on the playground
I saw neighbors old and young
Why did my breath fail, when I inhaled
Those particulates into my lungs?


If you live here and like to garden
Grow zucchini, squash or beans
I would suggest that you test your soil for
A contaminant called tetrachloroethene

Kipp has insisted they’re a good neighbor
If that is true, how’s “good” defined?
Though they’ve been cited for violations
I wonder why they have never been fined


You know the height of their spewing smokestacks
Matches Lowell School on the hill
The wind blows bad air to our kids there, and
Clean Air Madison has had our fill

In Wisconsin we have a watchdog
(Who is watching from afar)
They’re regulating by tolerating
Too much crud – thank you, DNR


Click to download or sing along with the March 13, 2005 performance at Cafe Zoma (.mp3 format).

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Last updated: April 25, 2005