Elsewhere on this web site we have information about the many battles fought to make Kipp a cleaner neighbor.

If you have questions about current activities, please email one of the following CAM representatives:

Rachel, Director - Email: rachel AT

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To File a Health Complaint

In his June 4, 2004 letter to the SASY Neighborhood Association, John Hausbeck, environmental epidemiologist with the city health department requested that residents living near Madison-Kipp call the Department if they are experiencing health problems believed to be related to Madison Kipp. This information would allow the city to continually evaluate the situation in the neighborhood and collect needed data on the specific illness or symptoms experienced. The Department will keep all health information confidential.

If you are experiencing health effects due to Kipp operations, contact John Hausbeck at 294-5315 or via email at:jhausbeck AT

We welcome the energy and support you can bring to our efforts. Please make a donation or contact us to find out how you can help. Complete the donation & contact form below, or email us at volunteers AT

Fundraising for our Legal Defense Fund

It's time to take action but we need your help. Join your neighbors as we say, "Enough is enough!".

Taking legal action is never inexpensive and nearly $30,000 will be needed. Some funds will come from grants, but Clean Air Madison needs members and donations to take our cause to the courts. If you've been frustrated with Kipp's pollution over the years, please consider donating money toward our effort. Your donation is currently not tax deductible, but will be put to good use making our neighborhood a better place to live.

If you support our efforts, please email or return the form shown below with your donation. We will keep you updated on upcoming events and the status of our efforts to make our neighborhood a cleaner, quieter, safer and healthier place to live.

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